Aug 30, 2017

In Absentia; legally!

To remove child custody in Absentia; without a fair trial, in absence.

Whatever the reason/crime, in absence cannot be justified. Or we have to accept the Dark Ages and the witch hunt as a modern day reality.

When human rights remain on paper, when the human being is absent, there cannot be a righteous case.

Convicted in absence!Yes, it CAN be done. It has been done!

Apr 19, 2017

Greek Stubbornness and exceptional children

Why aren’t free schools formed in Greece like the rest of the world?
Stubborn, conservative and as primitive-like as Greek people seem, they are not easily persuaded, lured into copied practices, habits, novices.

Deep inside their hearts, beneath their cultural and religious programming, they somehow realize that freedom is much more than a few “human rights”, a few laws past, a few changes in customs and habits.
They are seeking their deep ties with life, their past, for a grander individual and collective purpose. They are not easily tempted or as lost as they seem, on a spiritual level.

Our whole history is within us. The whole past makes sense; the deprivation, the humiliation, suppression, ignorance, everything. The collective history doesn’t differ from the individual history.

The words must be recognized individually on a different level: the images, emotions, connections, time travels, the soul’s journeys..

On the other end...

Mar 16, 2017

Kids don't have to hate Math

Why do most kids hate math so much and find it difficult?

I always thought that it was just me with numbers; a terrible combination that would never become a harmonic relationship. But then I started noticing the kids around me.

Even those that grew to love math eventually, were good at it after a while, had some difficulties initially; some more, some less. But it goes without saying, that math is a touchy subject for most kids. Why is that so?

Sep 30, 2016

Just when I think I'm teaching...

So, what is it REALLY like to raise a free human being? It’s highly inspiring, truly challenging and often uncomfortable. Overall it’s a blessing!

Nothing is ever truly known or straight-forward, there is nothing “usual” or fixed in our lives, although we do try to function – at least to some extent – according to this linear reality.

The habit of WANTING to MAKE children understand, rather than enter their world, almost always falls on its face, as I am reminded again and again that not only does it not work but also that it is a violent act of intrusion without the necessary understanding included in it.

Any time you sit on a pedestal with these children, you must also remain prepared to get thrown right off it, with the easiness of their innocent, internal wisdom. Most of the time, I am reminded - thankfully with willingness -  that I still have a lot to learn.

Aug 18, 2016

Naming it "dyslexia"...

Don't have a usual pattern of thought...
My mind has never been totally linear, although I understand the concept...I was born and raised in a linear society/educational system/world.

They call it "dyslexia", although they still don't understand what it means. It's perfectly a natural consequence, when you examine something from within another reality and not really detached from it. That "other" reality will alter/modify what you're looking at, what you want to examine. 

May 25, 2016

Hacking "normal"

I am "one of the lucky ones"?

NO! I have chosen to sacrifice false security for the love of learning, researching, teaching, waking up at my own biological clock, traveling, seeing the sunset, meeting new people, remaining passionate and in love with life, turning all "obligations" to desires/choices, waking up to a new life each day, breaking all habits when and because I want to, not compromising with "normal", meeting the unknown with child-like enthusiasm.

Mar 14, 2016

Sacred Space

Most people are afraid of retreating into themselves, of taking time to BE with themselves. Unless you're meditating, unless you're DOING something that they understand, that they can SEE, and suits there beliefs, it is rejected, feared. Perhaps meditation is something that we are adopted in the West, for this main, subconscious reason; to have a good excuse to escape our social relationships, to withdraw from our social lives.  This is not the case in our home.

There comes a time - many times - when kids tire most parents, as they realize that they need time for themselves that they just don't have, since parenting is a full-time job. But I haven't seen parenting as a job, although socially, legally, financially, it SHOULD be seen as such, as it takes much inner and outer work....continuously!